Subsatori Records

About us

Subsatori Records is a netlabel for acoustic and electronic music. We also deliver some releases on Compact Disc.

How do we sound?

Suggestive soundscapes for meditative mind-states, dance, lounge, yoga or chill-out – you decide.

We refuse to be defined by narrow genre labelling. From Dub Techno to Minimal House, Ethnic to Classical, we go beyond into minimalistic, repetitive rhythmic grooves and echo space. Sonorous harmonic overtones resonate within, chimes and becalms. Gently moves you into a timeless moment.

Music Instruments

Read about the some of the music instruments used by Dubsatori: Hang, Halo och Zen Tambour.

-->Music Instruments

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Verksam Psykologi AB
Subsatori Records

Göteborg, Sweden